We have seen a video about the average person and population. We found out that we are special because:

-We are female.

-We are not pan Chinese.

-We are shorter than the average height.

-In more than 10 years we will be the average age.

-At first we thought that there were more women than men in the world.


30-day challenge

Pan: I’ll take one picture and capture an interesting thing a day. I have watched a video about a guy that did this challenge and his life changed after 30 days. I hope that happens to me after 30 days, too.

Phanh: I’ll draw something interesting that happens a day. It’ll make me remember what happened but I don’t have to write much like a diary. After 30 days I think I may have a new habit \( ^ ^ )/

30-day challenge



Today, we have a special guest! Giammie. This is an interview to see how different our opinions are

1. How does lipstick make you feel when you wear it?

-Pan: confident

-Giammie: great and pretty ❤

-Phanh: pretty

2. Is lipstick a sign of femininity?

– Pan: of course! Men don’t wear lipstick

-Giammie: yes, but not always

-Phanh: not really, celebrities usually wear them.

3. Come up with a new cool brand name for lipstick….

-Pan: coca cola red

-Giammie: cherry blast

-Phanh: peach pink

4. 3 reasons WHY we wear lipstick

-Pan: they are cute, it’s cool to wear something on your lips,they’re sexy

-Giammie: to be prettier,sometimes the color suit our mood,it somehow raises people’s self esteem and it’s like a decoration for your face

-Phanh: color of your lips are not as pretty as you want, it goes with the clothes and they’re pretty

5. What would the women be like in ‘Herland’, a female-only world?

-Pan: They would be independent and free and they could do whatever they want.

-Giammie: The women would be more independent, doing their own things but it wouldn’t be as much fun and no love – maybe lesbians.

– Phanh: They would be independent, or stronger so they could do things without men’s helps.

6. Would the ‘Herland’ women wear lipstick, or not?

-Pan: Maybe, yes.

-Giammie: They would.

-Phanh: They would. Women want to be beautiful everytime.

7. Guess how much 1 woman spends in her life on lipstick?

-Pan: $500 – $1000

-Giammie: $2000

-Phanh: $2000

The correct answer: $1780



#reason #rhinos #extinct

5 reasons why we should protect rhinos from their extinction:

1. Don’t hunt for horns. Horns are the same as our nails. Eat your nails instead of using rhinos’ horns, duh.

2. Rhinos are cute. They’re not ugly like cockroaches.

3. Rhinos eat a lot of grass. If there won’t be any rhinos, our earth will be covered by grass.

4. Our next generation won’t be able to see rhinos in real life. They can just see them in books and on the internet

5. They have been around longer than humans.


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#reason #rhinos #extinct

This Is Your Life…

Do what you love, and love what you do.

If you don’t like something, don’t care about it.

If you don’t like your job, find the new one

If you don’t have enough time, try to make more time

If you are looking for the love of your life, keep looking.

Start doing things you love.

Stop over-analysing, cause that will make you older.

When you eat, try to talk too.

Life is simple.

Travel often; so that you can experience more.